Below are the most commonly asking questions

  • Joining

    How do I become a client with StreamAMP?

    This is extremely easy. Just fill in the form here and one of our Account Directors will be in contact within 24 hours to arrange a website consultation.

  • Intergration

    Is the integration and setup process complicated?

    No. We will take all the pain away during the set-up process to ensure that we can have you up and running and making more money than before in the shortest possible time.

  • Payment Terms

    How do I get paid for the advertising running on my website?

    This is the simple bit. StreamAMP pays by either bank transfer or Paypal, payment terms are as per Publisher Agreement.

  • Formats

    What advertising formats does StreamAMP work with?

    We work across numerous advertising formats (mainly standard IAB) and we walk all of our clients through our advertising recommendations during the consultation process.

  • Brand Safety

    Will I get nasty/flashing/shaking adverts on my website?

    Definitely not, unless you really want them. Here you can view our Brand Safety Options document. You can also target specific brands you don’t wish to show on your website too.

  • Account Management

    Will I be able to talk to a real person?

    This is what sets us apart within the industry. Every client gets a dedicated proactive Account Director who is at their beck and call. We are all about the personal service, we don’t just put our clients live and leave them in a dusty corner. We work strictly on a performance basis, therefore it’s in our interest to ensure your inventory maximises its potential.

  • Reporting

    How does the reporting work?

    Any reports you wish are generated by your dedicated Account Director and will be personally emailed to you as and when you require. We are constantly optimising our clients’ revenue streams and thus most reports are available at the drop of a hat.

  • Working hours

    What hours do StreamAMP work?

    We live and breath advertising and understand our clients’ websites run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Someone is always available at anytime via the Help email address if it can not wait until normal working office hours.